Private Antitrust Litigation

Most antitrust proceedings in U.S. courts are prosecuted by private parties seeking damages or to enjoin ongoing anti-competitive conduct. Rubin PLLC helps clients identify and take action against antitrust violations including collusion, monopolization, and unlawful merger or acquisition.

Representative matters

  • Lead counsel in NAC v. Visa USA, et al., DDC (ATM Surcharge Fee Antitrust Litigation);
  • Lead counsel in Credit Bureau Services v. Experian et al., SD Fla (collusion and monopolization);
  • Lead counsel in Hart InterCivic v. ESS/Diebold, D Del. (unlawful merger);
  • Represented plaintiffs in FreeConference.Com v. AT&T (monopolization);
  • Represented plaintiffs in NCRA v. Equifax (price-fixing and unlawful merger);

  • Counsel for amici curiae in U.S. Supreme Court antitrust cases Verizon v. Trinko (monopolization), Independent Ink (tying), and Weyerhaeuser (predatory buying);

  • Appellate counsel for appellants in Standfacts Credit v. Experian (monopolization) before the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals;

  • Author of AAI's amicus briefs (liability and damages) before the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proceeding in Rambus (patent hold-up);

  • Defend clients under investigation or accused of competition-related offenses by state or federal competition authorities;

  • Co-counsel for plaintiffs in BP Propane Direct Purchaser Antitrust Litigation (monopolization);

  • Practice before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in claims and proceedings including the "Broadcast Flag," various mergers in the communications industry, and monetary claims against incumbent carriers;

  • Represented amicus curiae in Princo v. International Trade Comm'n (patent pools and standard setting).