Merger Litigation

Rubin PLLC has experience on both sides of merger litigation. We assist clients whose transactions are challenged in the U.S. by the competition authorities when a suit is filed in a U.S. District Court to enjoin the transaction from going forward. We also provide representation before the government when it brings an action to unwind a transaction that has already closed. In addition, Rubin PLLC represents private litigants, who, when threatened with antitrust harm by a transaction, seek a temporary restraining order, an injunction or other relief, including damages.

Representative matters

  • AT&T-BellSouth (congressional testimony);

  • SBC-AT&T (Tunney Act litigation);

  • Verizon-MCI (Tunney Act litigation);

  • Equifax-FIS (private challenge in District Court);

  • Deibold-ESS (private challenge in District Court);

  • Delta-NWA (consultant)

  • Microsoft-Yahoo! (consultant)